Here at Converge Records, we are dedicated in making quality of music that could be trusted by our customers. We see to it that we are at par with their expectations and does not disappoint. We uphold 5 basic core values:

    • Passion for Music

We have the passion for listening to, creating, and/or studying music. We patronize well our own and see to it that it meets the standard of good music that would be enjoyed by all ages.

    • Continuous Improvement

We are continually looking for better paths to take in our pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence in our staff, artists, products, services, and software. We are up-to-date with the latest technology that would further our craft. We see to it that we are also never left behind when it comes to trainings, and new learning that would develop the skills we already have.

    • Teamwork

Believe that every element has its role in the community. As such, we strive to give our co-workers equal opportunity to improve and to show their skills. Everybody has an important role to play. We make sure that one will always feel as important as the other. We treat each other as family. Most of all, we maintain a good communication among us because this is what creates harmony in the workplace.

    • Community

Converge Records is a collaborative effort that wouldn’t be possible without a community of music enthusiasts who have a common goal – to listen to good music. In return, we show our thanks by continually creating a harmonious place where every individual could interact without fear of being trolled or bullied online.

Converge Records especially abhor curses and shaming in its community. What we encourage however is a healthy debate where people put into open their opinions on related subjects.

    • Embrace Open Source

Converge Records’ data will always be open and free to the public. We are built primarily with open source tools, and we contribute back to the open source community.

We do this with respect to those individuals who are financially challenged to sustain their love for music.