Jabali Afrika is an Afro-Rock jam band. The name Jabali is a Kiswahili word which means “rock,” while Afrika is included to include and honor the members’ heritage. They consist of former members of the Kenyan National Theatre. The members include Justo Otongo, Joseck Asikoye, and Dumisizwe Bhembe, the latter being a part of the band Mid-stream. The inspiration for the musical style of this band includes Fundi Konde, and George Mukabi. They utilizes customary instruments such as the Mbumbumbu bass drums, the sikuti drum, and the chivoti flute.

The band initially started in 90’s. It is mainly composed of artists from Kenyan National Thetre – singers, dancers, and even drummers. The band is known to perform traditional Kenyan songs as a start-up. With the natural talent and unique voice of each members, they attracted the attention of the Kenyan National Talent Research which gave them the opportunity to perform into a large-scale audience. Before they know it, they are already rocking the international scenes and had already been leaving avid supporters on their trail.
Eventually, the band settled in the Pittsburgh region of United States. There, in 1996, they gained more popularity by singing “Tree, Tree, Tree” in an episode if Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Inspiration for Jabali Afrika’s musical style includes Fundi Konde and George Mukabi, and the band incorporates customary instruments such as the Mbumbumbu bass drums, the sikuti drum and chivoti flute
Their albums include REBELLION, MAYOSI, and ROOTSGANZA.

Dorothy Cowfield is a local singer and song writer born in Japan in 1962. She moved to live in New Your City in between 1986 to 2001. Todate, she is dividing her time travelling and living to both countries from time to time.

Dorothy became popular in 1990 with her album, “I’m A Cowgirl”. It explored the imaginary Cowgirl Land in collaboration with her friends and some New York Jazz musicians. Other gigs that created her name on the music field is her first SOLD OUT concert at Joe’s Pub in New York Public Theatre. She also performed at FEX under Time Cafe, Colombia University, and Texas Rodeo Tour among others in the years of 2000 – 2002.
In 2004, she toured Japan with her band for the first time. Her other albums include “Cows in the Sky” in 2003, and “No Broken Dreams” in 2006.